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My 5 Favorite Houston Restaurants

There is no shortage of restaurants in Houston! Below is a list of my tried and true favorites. We go to all of these fairly regularly. There are plenty of other restaurants I love for date night or special occasions too, but I will save those for a different post!

Bon appétit!

Hillstone - While it is formally known as Houston's, it still has the same menu. An impressive cocktail list, caesar salad, and key lime pie. Oh, but the standout is the Spinach and Artichoke dip. We get it every time!

Aka Sushi House - I love upscale sushi as much as anyone, but Aka is so fun! It’s not fancy, but we go here the most often to take advantage of their all day happy hour on Saturday and Sunday. They have a wide range of unique and traditional rolls, with our favorites including the the French Kiss, the Sexy, and the Houston (that one is on their happy hour menu).

Fleming’s - Fantastic steak, the Fleming’s potatoes, blue cheese olive martinis (and sometimes fun wine tastings!). Fleming’s is a traditional and delicious steakhouse. Wonderful service and wonderful food. We’ve never been disappointed.

Tiny Boxwoods - With a beautiful garden patio and French country interior, Tiny's transports you directly to Europe. I prefer Tiny’s No. 5 in West U, but both locations are great. My order is typically the Provençal salad with salmon and a mint lemonade (and maybe a cookie!). Their ice cream shop, called Milk and Cookies, is also AMAZING and conveniently right around the corner. It’s like cookies and cake and ice cream all mixed into one. The best!

Postino - Casual, fun, yummy. Small bites and wine. Checks all the boxes. My favorite is the bruschetta board with a glass of Stagedive. They recently opened up one in Uptown Park and it has become even more of frequent favorite. We also recently tried them for brunch too and were impressed!

What are some of your favorite restaurants? I love to try new places!



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